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TG Theodore is a writer, and a three-time winner of the Strange New Worlds contest. He has also co-written two Star Trek: Voyager stage shows ("House Call" and "Doubles") with Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips. He lives in San Jose, California.

In 2001, Theodore developed a heretofore unrealised proposal for a Star Trek medical series, which he described on the Trek BBS as follows:

"I developed a series bible back in 2001 for Starfleet Medical, based at Starfleet Medical on Earth but with a major Medical/Science vessel at its periodic disposal commanded by, yes, Beverly Crusher, and involving our favorite EMH.
The focus was on medicine more than space, but the ship allowed for space stuff, too -- usually related to the medical story, of course, but allowing for the gratuitous space battle from time to time."


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