The TSV Abracus was a Tarkon sentry vessel in service in the 2380s. Its commanding officer was Senior Acquistions Executive Culbret. (VOY novel: The Eternal Tide)


In August 2381, the Abracus failed to capture USS Voyager when it entered a Tarkon-claimed star system on the fringe of the Nekrit Expanse. Failing to capture the "opportunity" Voyager was detrimental to Culbret's finances. As a result, he was eager to capture a small lone Federation starship, the TS Flyer 13 when it entered the system eight cycles later. The Federation had tricked the Tarkon, however, and engaged the Tarkon in battle. Several Tarkon ships were lost in combat with Voyager, Achilles and twenty-four Tactical Support Flyers. When the Federation ships rescued the remnants of the Borg Cooperative from Riley's Planet, they collected the TS Flyers and travelled one thousand light-years with slipstream to escape the wrath of the Tarkon Board. (VOY novel: The Eternal Tide)

It is unknown whether the Abracus was destroyed or survived the battle.

Crew manifestEdit

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