taD (tlhIngan Hol for "frozen") was the name given by Klingon conquerers to a planet in the Korvad system known by the natives as al'Hmat. The planet was noted for its sub-freezing temperatures and almost completely ice-covered surface. taD was also rich in topaline, a valuable mineral resource, as well as "Element 604," a sensor-resistant substance. taD also had one moon.

al'Hmat was invaded and conquered by the Klingon Empire in 2161, and its native population -- a race called al'Hmatti -- given status as jeghpu'wI'. The Empire appointed a military governor, who oversaw the planet from an orbital station, but retained the al'Hmatti emperor, who functioned as a figurehead as well as a spiritual leader.

In 2372, when the Empire invaded the Cardassian Union, al'Hmatti rebels staged a coup d'etat and overthrew Klingon Governor Kalax. The rebellion was shortly thereafter put down by Captain Lornak and his fleet, but not before the al'Hmatti made an appeal to the Federation -- with whom the Klingons had broken off political relations -- for aid.

Following the planet's recapture, terroristic attacks by the al'Hmatti continued unabated. With the end of the Dominion War in late 2375, Federation Ambassador Worf was assigned to follow up on the al'Hmatti's call for assistance. By this time, taD had become a nearly insignificant source of the Empire's topaline, and important only in order to maintain the appearance of the Empire's strength and authority. To this end, Worf negotiated a plan whereby Governor Tiral would be recalled, and the late al'Hmatti emperor, me'Grmat XIX, would be succeeded by a Klingon -- namely, Lieutenant Vall of the IKS Gorkon -- whose role would be only ceremonial. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

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