Tail-Kinker to-Ennien was the Sivaoan name taken by an imposter. This woman traveled in a skiff called the Dr. James Barry. She impersonated Doctor Evan Wilson and assigned herself to be the acting Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise. She was rather good at fencing, used chopsticks, and fought with a quarterstaff.

She helped make first contact with the Sivaoans. and a stone tip after watching how to make it from Chekov She stay in Bightspots' t tent in a tall tree, she said she came from a long line of tree climbers, and many of the camp and first contact team watched her climb up, for their knees don't bend like that.

She fought with Fetchstorm to-Srallansre, and won in which, after he gave her a Useful and with surgical glue, made her self a shirt. Rushlight to-Vensre made a song about that. She had Brightspot to-Srallansre, show here were to find wood to make herself a quarterstaff. She learn how to make a tent in a tree and on the ground. Stiff Tail to-Srallansre, gave her a knife and several Useful and ties. She still had the knife with her, after she left the Enterprise.

After getting tossed into the river along with Kirk and Brightspot she gave it him after he dropped his by the river, to save part of his party. She had cut and pealed herself a new one while

She also say she would have Spock's Ears if he didn't tell the story of the tricker from his home world, after they Walk when they got back to Eeiauo

Five years prior, she impersonated Lieutenant Martha R. Bodner and helped Lt. Chris Megson invent the Bodner lines. (TOS novel: Uhura's Song)

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