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Sisko forms a baseball team, the Niners, consisting of several Deep Space 9 senior staff and civilians, to play against a Vulcan team captained by an old rival.


Solok, a Vulcan Starfleet Captain and former Starfleet Academy classmate of Benjamin Sisko, brought his starship to Deep Space 9 for repairs. He challenged Sisko to a game of baseball against his team, the Logicians.

Sisko's team, the Niners, consisted of Jake Sisko, Quark, Nog, Leeta, Kasidy Yates, Kira Nerys, Ezri Dax, Julian Bashir and Worf, with Captain Sisko as a player/manager. Miles O'Brien became pitching, batting, and first base coach after suffering a shoulder injury during practice, and later took over as manager after Captain Sisko was ejected from the game by Odo (the umpire) in the fifth inning of the game. Rom was kicked off the team by Captain Sisko during practice after failing to improve his skills; however, towards the end of their game, Sisko ordered O'Brien to put Rom into the game as a pinch hitter. Rom then accidentally bunted in the Niners' only run in a 10-1 loss. Sisko saw how much Rom cared about the team and realized that Rom's feelings were more important than winning the game.



Julian BashirBroikEzri DaxKira NerysLeetaMornM'PellaNogMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkRomBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoSolokWorf, son of MoghKasidy Yates
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Curzon DaxEmony DaxJadzia Dax


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Anthem of the United Federation of Planetsbaseballbaseballbaseball batbaseball fieldbaseball glovebatting helmetcadetcaptainchewing gumChristopher Pike Medal of ValorcoloneldaboensignFlag of the United Federation of PlanetsholodeckhologramholosuiteIDICinertial damperlight-yearlogicOlympic GamesPADDphotonspace stationrotator cuffScotch whiskysenior staffstarbasewarp coreWee Bairnswrestlingzygomatic bone


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