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Talax was a planet, a class M planet located in the Talax star system in the space of the galaxy's Delta Quadrant. This world was the fourth planet in the system and was homeworld to the humanoid Talaxian civilization. (ST reference: Star Charts)


Talax was orbited by at least one moon, Rinax, which was also Class M. Talax had three suns, but only one (Mormo) shined directly on Rinax. (VOY reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

For about a decade during the 2340s and 2350s, Talax fought a war against a neighboring power known as the Haakonian Order. Known as the Talaxian-Haakonian War, one of its last battles was the Battle of Pyrithian Gorge where the Talaxian Defense Forces prepared for a Haakonian invasion. However, at about the same time, in 2355, the Haakonians deployed the Metreon Cascade on Rinax. The devastation wrought on the moon and its Talaxian colony resulted in the immediate surrender of Talax.

With the conclusion of the war in 2356, Talax and her territories were seized by the Haakonian Order. The planet remained under Haakonian control well into the 2370s. The war would cause many Talaxians to leave the system and migrate to other worlds throughout the Delta Quadrant. (VOY episodes: "Jetrel", "Homestead")


Talax was home to many pleasant landmarks and landforms. (VOY episode: "Homestead")

The Riparian corridors were also home of the Heelox river, the widest on Talax. (VOY reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

Bodies of Water[]


  • Godo Mountain Range

Points of Interest[]


Flora and fauna[]



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