Talis Cedara.

Talis Cedara was a Bajoran girl born in 2358.

Biography[edit | edit source]

She and her younger sister, Talis Dejana, came from the village of Bennikar in the Kaladrys Valley. After hearing about the prophecy of the Nekor, Cedara pretended to be a boy named Cedra. She let others believe that Dejana was the Nekor, so that she would be taken care of. When it was discovered that Cedara was a girl, it was realized that she was the Nekor, partly due to the fact that she had some telepathic abilities. After being presented at the Temple as the child prophesied by Kai Opaka Sulan, Vedek Torin revealed to her that she was in fact, not the Nekor. However, she decided to become a healer so that she could stop the warring factions of the provisional government, which was the Kai's true intention. (DS9 novel: Warchild)

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