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1977-First space shuttle mission

1980-Skylab II orbited by first Saturn VI rocket. It is visited by 34 permanent crews between 1980 and 1994.

1981-Galileo launched to Mars.

November 26,1982-NASA announces that Galileo has discovered primitive Martian life

1984-Moon return project 1 approved for the mid 90s

1985-The first N2 rocket launches the core of Space Station Mir.

1986-Fully reusable space shuttle debuts.

1989-Soviet Union disintegrates. The old Russian monarchy is restored in 1990.

1991-Russia announces its intent to cooperate with NASA in the future.

1992-Donald Trump is elected President of the United States of America.

1994-Skylab II retired.

1995-Assembly of the International Orbital Laboratory commences.

1997-Apollo 22,return to lunar orbit.

June 6,1998-Apollo 24 lands on the Moon. President Trump congratulates the 7 person crew via phone call.

October 1998-Construction of the Millennium Gate commences.

Spring 1999-Mir is retired.

More to come

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Timeline 2 Edit

2001-USAF mandated demolition of Vandenberg launch facilities

2002-Mars plans approved. China launches the Shenzhou 8 with Yi Honiu on board and announces plans to put men on the moon by 2020.

2004-Donald Trump defeated by Liz Warren bc no 22nd Amendment

2006-Moonbase 1 (Zvezda) established by US,Russian Federated Union,European Community,Canada,Japan,South Africa

2009-Kzinti-Klingon treaty. Creation by incoming president Lincoln Chafee of the United States Space Force

2010-Trump occupies Venus orbit

2014-Alex Charles becomes first person on Mars,

2015-Birth of Zefram Cochrane.

By 2018-capital punishment is outlawed everywhere except the People's Republic of Palestine.

2024-first expeditions to the Outer System discover life in the Neptunian atmosphere

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TL 3 Edit

2027-Trumpistas defeated in first space battle:the battle of Alpha Regio

2029-first asteroid mines set up

2030-Americus,Hades Colony,Zarqa,Novy Yerusalemis established on Mars

2031-Eric Trump initiatives secret contact with the Vulcans

2035-Khan Noonien Singh born in Athens

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