Prisoner of the Breen? Edit

In Chapter Thirty, David Mack makes a point of noting that Bashir was a prisoner of the Breen during the Dominion War. I believe he mentioned it during Zero Sum Game as well... Am I missing something? I remember Bashir being held in Internment Camp 371 which was administered by a Vorta and manned by Jem'Hadar. He had a Breen barracksmate in the camp... Worf and Ezri Dax were briefly held by the Breen... But until Zero Sum Game, I don't recall Bashir even having contact with the Breen aside from the aforementioned barracksmate. If anyone knows otherwise, I would love to be pointed at the source. Kerys (talk) 14:17, November 29, 2013 (UTC)

I asked David Mack about this on Trekbbs: He said: "Hm. I know there were Breen in that prison. But it was run by Jem'Hadar. Maybe we can retcon it to say he had a Breen cellmate and their relationship was … complicated. Or we can all just agree to pretend that line in Chapter 30 really says "prisoner of the Dominion" and let it go". [1] -- DS9 Forever (talk) 18:12, November 29, 2013 (UTC)
LOL. Thank you! I thought I had somehow missed some arc in a comic or something! Kerys (talk) 15:43, December 1, 2013 (UTC)
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