The population figure in the infobox has recently been changed according to a known source (4.2bn in 2370, according to Stellar Cartography), but can anybody find a source for the previous figure (8.2bn in 2373) at all? Since MB uses the POV of an unknown point in the future to which all events described in any given source are in the past, it would make sense to use the figure that is most recent, if at all possible. - Bell'Orso (talk) 11:27, August 6, 2018 (UTC)

That was edited by an anon to change it from 4.2bn to 8.2bn yesterday. With no sourcing listed. -- sulfur (talk) 12:08, August 6, 2018 (UTC)
hence why I asked if anyone COULD source it, just in case - Bell'Orso (talk) 14:01, August 6, 2018 (UTC)
FASA's The Federation sourcebook says Terra's population is 25 billion. LUG's Planets of the UFP sourcebook says it's 10 billion. I don't know where the 8.2 billion came from. Worlds of the Federation and Decipher's Worlds sourcebook might be worth checking. --NetSpiker (talk) 09:23, August 7, 2018 (UTC)
Worlds of the Federation and FASA's The Federation both are set before the 2370s and therefor not what I'm looking for, but what time period(s) are LUG's Planets of the UFP and Decipher's Worlds set in? - Bell'Orso (talk) 12:21, August 7, 2018 (UTC)
Planets of the UFP mentions the stardate 51078.6 which corresponds to the year 2374. I just checked Worlds and it doesn't have any specific population info for Earth. --NetSpiker (talk) 02:58, August 8, 2018 (UTC)
Planets of the UFP it is, then. - Bell'Orso (talk) 06:10, August 8, 2018 (UTC)
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