I've removed the following from the information section as I feel they are rather nonsensical:

  • One quote in this book is..."try to harpoon a whale with toothpicks". Prior to 2286, whales were extinct on Earth, hunting became illegal in 2051 and toothpicks would be useless as a harpoon anyway.
  • A speech saying "choose Human or Vulcan ways" infers that Earth still has War and crime, which is proven incorrect by Homefront and Paradise Lost.
  • The "Federation-Klingon peace treaty" is mentioned, twenty-five years before 2293.

The first sounds like a statement of irony and all the babble about the status of whales in the Trekverse isn't relevant to this book. The Human Vulcan differences thing is hardly something unique to this book. The treaty is surely referring to the Organian treaty, if not the note needs expanding to explain the context. --8of5 02:53, 12 July 2007 (UTC)

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