I am reading this book. Some oddities. The back cover refers to the planets as "Chrellkan IV" and "Chrellkan III", but the text calls them "Chyrellka" and "Vancadia" respectively.

Another oddity: The people of Chyrellka and Vancadia are explicitly stated over and over to be humans, yet they were just contacted by the UFP ten years before the story. No explanation is given as to how humans came to be there...whether they were seeded by Providers, or a lost Earth colony. Nobody seems curious, asks how it came about, or speculates....

For the first, I'd imagine that's the 'official' name of the planet and the 'local' name for it - like "Sol III" and "Earth". As for the second, if I had to theorize, I'd imagine a lost colony... although I think this wiki frowns on speculation at times. --Captain Savar 03:21, 10 November 2008 (UTC)
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