Uniform color mistake: and furthermore... Edit

Expanded explanation for reversion of removal of the Background note by unregistered user. Starfleet uniform (2410s) lists the correct (confirmed by Cryptic artist Thomas Marrone) divisional colors for 2410s Starfleet, which Sarish Minna and Miral Paris violate in opposite directions. Rank has nothing to do with position, even in Star Trek: Sisko took command of DS9 as a commander (O-5), and Jadzia Dax was a lieutenant commander when she was placed in command of Defiant in "A Time to Stand". Furthermore, it is STO-canonically established in "Second Wave" that Kurland's XO is Commander Karen Andrews, not Sarish, and "The 2800" was not affected by the Season 11 update. --StarSword (talk) 02:30, October 30, 2015 (UTC)

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