I do believe someone removed references to Gerard K. O'Neil...not nice. He is intrisicly linked to the construction of space stations! [User: Stripey].

Not really -- O'Neill first published his works in the mid-70s, well after the on-screen establishment of Neutral Zone Outposts and Deep Space K-7 (not to mention the real-life Salyut space stations). We also have the establishment in the novel The Sundered of "O'Neill colonies", which would seem to be wholly different from other types of space habitats. And most importantly: the article simply reads better without the extraneous information. If you want to write a sub-section on the history of space stations, Stripey, that would be great. But the random insertion of a single scientist's name (out of presumably thousands of men and women to work on every station from Salyut to the ISS to Starbase 1) doesn't work. --Seventy 15:56, 18 November 2006 (UTC)
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