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say what?

OK, I know I might be jumping the gun here, but if this does come through, it's gonna be bloody amazing! I saw Markonian upload the novel covers and was about to flag them for fan-work, but now that I've googled around a little, it does appear to be legit. What a great way for us to celebrate ST's 50th. Hypetrain!!! - Bell'Orso (talk) 23:48, November 23, 2015 (UTC)

Yes, I was totally blown away myself. All the official information is in German as of yet, but details and translations of the blurb can be found in the pertinent TrekBBS forum, including word by Bernd Perplies: German exclusive trilogy forum thread. Woot! Kind regards, -- Markonian 00:06, November 24, 2015 (UTC)

So this is for Germany only? 15:23, June 9, 2016 (UTC)

There'll be an English eBook release. The translations are already done. (They needed to be done in advance so TPTB could understand what they're approving). Kind regards, -- Markonian 20:01, June 9, 2016 (UTC)

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all sorts of information that belongs either on the ship article, the ship's personnel article, and things from the author's personal website probably shouldnt be here at all. the bio of the character should be derived from the book, not unpublished material. -- captainmike •••• 01:26, 12 March 2022 (UTC)

==Main characters==
===Crew manifest=== 
*[[commanding officer]]:
**[[Captain]] [[Richard Adams|Richard "Dick" Adams]] ([[Human]] male, [[USA|US-American]], 60 years old)
*[[executive officer|executive]]/[[tactical officer]]:
**[[Commander]] [[Roaas]] ([[Caitian]])
*[[second officer|second]]/[[operations manager]]:
**[[Lieutenant Commander]] [[Sarita Carson]] (Human female, [[Africa]]n of [[Europe]]an descent)
*[[security chief]]:
**Lieutenant Commander [[Lenissa zh'Thiin]] ([[Andorian]] ''[[zhen]]'')
*[[chief engineer]]:
**Lieutenant Commander [[Jenna Winona Kirk]] (Human female)
*senior [[science officer]]:
**Lieutenant Commander [[Mendon]] ([[Benzite]] male)
*[[flight controller|conn/pilot]]:
**[[Lieutenant]] [[Jassat ak Namur]] ([[Renao]] male)
*[[technician]] (engineering bridge officer):
**Lieutenant [[Chell]] ([[Bolian]] male)
*[[communications officer]]:
**[[Ensign]] [[Paul Winter]] (Human male, [[German]] of [[Sudan]]ese descent)
*[[chief medical officer]]:
**[[Doctor]] [[Geron Barai]] ([[Betazoid]] male)
**{{dis|Moba|Bolian}} ([[Bolian]] male)

===CV of Captain Adams===
Richard "Dick" Adams is born in [[2325]]. Enrolling in [[Starfleet Academy]] in [[2344]], he graduates as [[ensign]] [[2348|four years later]]. His first assignment his the {{uSS|Wyoming|NCC-43730}} as [[security officer]] under [[Captain]] [[Leonard James Akaar]], participating in the [[Tzenkethi War]]. Soon after the [[promotion]] to [[lieutenant]], Adams is made deputy security chief. 

In [[2355]], Lieutenant Adams transfers to the {{uSS|Alamo|NCC-2035}}. Following training for the command track, the Human is promoted to [[lieutenant commander]] in [[2359]], and named security chief of the ''Alamo''. He holds the same post after transferring to the {{uSS|Sutherland|NCC-72015}} in [[2361]], and becomes [[second officer]], too. Adams becomes a [[commander]] in [[2366]]. Another transfers leads to the newly-commissioned {{uSS|Akira|prototype}}, [[prototype]] of a new class of [[heavy cruiser]]s. Adams is the ''Akira's'' [[first officer]]. 

An opportunity in [[2371]] allows Adams to gain command of his first ship, the {{uSS|Geronimo|NCC-62501}}. The ship is tragically lost in the [[First Battle of Chin'toka]] in [[2374]]. The majority of its crew is lost. During the convalescence, Adams begins teaching at Starfleet Academy, meeting fellow [[teacher]] and [[Dominion War]] veteran [[Rhea Kadani]]. They marry in [[2376]]. In [[2377]], she assumes command of the {{uSS|Red Cloud}} (NCC-63306). Adams' old friend [[Fleet Admiral]] Akaar provides Richard with the USS ''Prometheus'' (NX-74913).<ref> [ Bernd Perplies website: Richard Adams' CV]</ref>
* Cross Cult's announcement on .