I removed the following facoid, I feel it would better place don the Caitian page if the contributor wishes to relocate it, if it is relevant to this page it should be phrased to reflect that not just stating random fact:

  • Twice annually, all female Caitians take pheraligen to prevent themselves degenerating into savage 'beasts' whilst undergoing mating-urges (heat). This is the job of a ship's Science Officer.

I also removed this, because for starters it doesn’t make sense, if they were referred to they must be documented, and again its a random fact not grounded to this article:

  • In 2167, the U.F.P. made first contact with an undocumented, but extremely advanced race. The U.F.P. did not consider any race it met after that point to be as advanced until they met the Briamosites in 2267.

--8of5 03:02, 12 July 2007 (UTC)

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