Officer or enlisted?Edit

Ventor Bixx was identified as a male Bolian lieutenant in chapter 4 of Sacraments of Fire, and was noted to have stood in for Jefferson Blackmer, the chief of security, in DS9's Hub. In chapter 11, an individual named Bixx was stationed at Security Outpost Endalla 1 (no species, gender or rank specified), seemingly subordinate to Ensign Ansarg. However, in chapter 21, an individual stationed at the Defiant's brig identified his/herself as Crewman Bixx, no species or gender was specified.

It's possible these three Bixx's are the same individual and that the chapter 21 mention of "Crewman" was an error (or was demoted in the intervening time). But they could easily be two (or even three) separate individuals sharing the same last name. Or, I could have misread or misinterpreted something (which is quite possible :) ) Has anyone else got any thoughts on this? -- Cyfa (talk) 16:15, July 19, 2015 (UTC)

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