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Talk Now! Learn Klingon is a language learning program developed by the London-based software developer EuroTalk, first released for Windows PC and Mac OS in October, 2011.

Background Information[]

Talk Now! Learn Klingon is part of EuroTalk's Talk Now! language learning series, which is aimed at beginners. Because it uses roughly the same vocabulary as other entries in the series, many of the words and phrases are very "Earth-centric". As such, it is said to represent the language as used by Klingons residing on Earth.

The majority of translations were done by Klingon-speaker Jonathan "qe'San" Brown, with the help of Marc Okrand (the creator of tlhIngan Hol). Brown also provided the male voice recordings for the DVD; the female voice was provided by Charlotte "Kehlan" Kebbell.


The software features a few dozen Klingon words and phrases, written out in both romanized tlhIngan Hol and the pIqaD writing system. Each entry is also accompanied by two voice recordings (one male voice and one female).

The software can be used in roughly 120 different languages.

Mobile app[]

The program has been adapted for Apple iOS, and made available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad systems under the name uTalk Klingon.

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