Talna III was the third planet of the Talna system.

Talna III was settled by Orions, who founded a Colony there in July 1037 CE (reference stardate −10/3707). This marked the greatest ever extent of Orion space. However, the Colony was later abandoned.

This presumably occurred during the Reverse of Orion history.

Much later, in the late 22nd century, Talna III was settled by Federation citizens, including Andorians, Humans, and Vulcans.

On stardate 1/1811.07 (circa 2192), a fleet of Orion ships arrived at Talna III, carrying Orion settlers hoping to re-establish their Colony. However the Federation colonists turned them away. The Botchok Planetary Congress protested to the Federation Council, who stated that prior settlers (i.e., the Federation colonists) had the right to refuse later immigrants (the returning Orions). Although the Federation claimed to uphold the rights of prior inhabitants, unoccupied ruins were not enough to claim those rights.

The Orions were incensed, and "Talna" became a symbol of Federation desires to annihilate them (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

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