Talza was a female Rigellian. In 2254 she was the aide to the Rigellian minister Etashnan.

Talza was a traditionalist and resented changes to Rigellian society brought about in the build-up to Rigel VII's admittance into the Federation. In response she became involved in a conspiracy on the planet which led to a coup by the Kaylar warrior caste. On the night of the uprising, Talza was able to draw Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise into an ambush at the Zemtar fortress. Then, while Pike fought a Kaylar, Talza made her exit to check on a transmitter in the Rigellian Parliamentary Assembly which was putting out a jamming signal blocking communications from Starfleet personnel on Rigel VII with the Enterprise above. She reached the transmitter just as Pike's yeoman, Dermot Cusack, had finished disabling it, and in response she murdered him.

Talza was taken into custody by Starfleet security personnel. Her actions were successful in preventing Rigel VII's admittance into the Federation. (EV comic: "Our Dearest Blood")

Shortly after, when the Talosians held Captain Pike captive, they created a mental illusion of the Rigel VII incident, replacing Talza with their Human captive Vina. Instead of departing the scene at the earliest opportunity, she remained to be the captain's damsel in distress. (TOS episode: "The Cage")

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