Tandar Prime (alternately Rakon II) was the homeworld of the Tandaran civilization, located in the Tandar sector. (ENT episode: "Detained", DTI novel: Watching the Clock) A Tandaran day was 1.2 Earth days long. The planet had two moons, Vien and Bregat, with orbital periods of 12 and 30 Tandaran days, respectively. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock annotations)[2]


When the Suliban Cabal started warring the Tandarans in 2144, the Suliban refugees on Tandaran worlds were detained, including those from the Querella Province on Tandar Prime.

In 2151, the Enterprise (NX-01) was sent to Tandar to negotiate the release of Captain Jonathan Archer and Ensign Travis Mayweather from a prison camp. However, the ship diverted from its course to investigate the status of the prisoners. (ENT episode: "Detained")

Sometime in the 2320s, the Tandaran worlds joined the Federation after apologizing to the Suliban for their unfair treatment in the 22nd century.

In September 2381, Department of Temporal Investigations special agents Gariff Lucsly and Marion Dulmur visited the Kemrel Municipality on Tandar in order to investigate a temporal incident related to Professor Vard. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

Alternate timelinesEdit

In an alternate timeline, Tandar Prime was not a member of the Federation but the capital of the technologically advanced Tandaran Empire by 2381. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

In another timeline brought about by the Temporal Cold War, Tandaran Prime suffered orbital bombardment by the Certoss around 2358. This killed off most of the Tandarans, and the world was left to remain uninhabitable for centuries afterward. (TOS novel: From History's Shadow)

In a timeline where the Temporal Defense Grid was not established, Tandar Prime became the seat of the Federation Temporal Intervention Agency Headquarters after following the destruction of the previous seat in London on Earth by the Na'kuhl. The temporally displaced temporal agents Jena Noi, Lucsly and Dulmur were brought to TIA Headquarters on Day 266, 3051. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)


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