Target: Zargot was a Star Trek: The Original Series comic strip published in 1969. It was the first of 11 annual stories from the UK comic strips series and appeared in Joe 90: Top Secret Annual. In this story, the Enterprise came to the aid of a plague-stricken planet.


Captain's log, stardate 20:0605. Enterprise carrying out exploration in Alpha Helios system. So far, no indication of life

The USS Enterprise came across a Zargotian cruiser moments before it blew up. A rescue team scrambled to reach an ejection capsule, boarding it moments before its sole occupant died from a plague that could potentially affect Humans. James T. Kirk ordered the Enterprise to find the nearest planet.

Captain's log, stardate 20:0902. Orbiting alien planet, exploration team ready to teleport to surface…

The planet's inhabitants were suffering from the epidemic. Leonard McCoy met with their Doctor Ixta, who believed a cure could be made from herbs growing on neighboring planet Coltac. Enterprise raced there, with Kirk taking a team in Space Bug X-4 to the surface. While harvesting the herbs, they repelled two large dinosaurs with phaser fire.

Captain's log, stardate 20:1507. We have returned to Zargot with the herbs. McCoy working with aliens…

McCoy and Ixta succeeded in making an antidote, and five days later the inhabitants were cured. Zargotians celebrated with fireworks.



David BaileyBradIxtaJames T. KirkLeonard McCoySpockNyota UhuraColtac beastColtac flying monsterunnamed USS Enterprise personnel (2260s)unnamed Zargotians

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ejection capsuleUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • groundcarSpace Bug X-4 (space wagon) • Space Rescue BugZargotian cruiser


Alpha Helios (ColtacZargot)

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creeping sicknesscutterFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)grapplermedicinephaserradiorocketscannerserumspacescopestabilizerstardateStarfleet ranksanatomychemistryenergygalaxylifeformmattermedicineplanetquadrantspacestarstar systemtechnologytimeuniverseweapon



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clothinggovernmentnation-stateraces and culturesrankscienceStarfleet uniformtitleuniformbridgecityColtac herbdaydinosaurdiseaseepidemicfireworksfive-year missionherbhospitallifeformlizardmagnetismmileminuteorbitplagueplanetportpterosaurrainforestspacestarStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)systemteleportation chambertreevegetationyear



  • The presence of Bailey on the Enterprise places this story early in the year 2266, before the events of "The Corbomite Maneuver".
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Printed in Joe 90: Top Secret Annual (21st Century Publications)
April 2016 
Reprinted in the omnibus The Classic UK Comics, Volume 1 (IDW Publishing)
11 May 2017 
Reprinted in the omnibus Graphic Novel Collection #10 (Eaglemoss)



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