Tarilla was a female Klingon, the mate of M'Raq, and mother of Klag and Dorrek.

Tarilla was presumed to be widowed when M'Raq was captured by the Romulans in battle, and denied an honorable death. However, he escaped captivity sometime prior to 2365 and returned to his home on Qo'noS. Tarilla accepted him home despite his dishonor, though M'Raq refused to speak of the matter with her, or to attempt to regain his honor. Klag refused to see his father following his return, a decision with created a deep rift between Tarilla and her eldest son.

After M'Raq died in early 2376, Klag became head of the House of M'Raq, a situation Tarilla deemed intolerable. With Dorrek, who Klag had ejected from the House, Tarilla plotted to drug Klag and have him brought to the qaDrav at Klingon Defense Force Command Headquarters to do battle with Lieutenant Rodek. When Klag survived this challenge, Tarilla petitioned the Klingon High Council for leadership of the House. Her petition was denied by Chancellor Martok. (KE novel: A Burning House)

Tarilla was first named in the short story "loDnI'pu' vavpu' je".
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