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Tarl was a female Romulan, an officer in the Romulan Star Empire's Star Navy active in the mid-24th century.


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By the mid-2360s decade, she had risen to the rank of Commander, attained the position of commanding officer of the D'deridex-class warbird IRW Tears of Algeron, and was in a relationship with fellow Romulan officer Commander Traklamek. (ST novel: Federation)

In the year 2366, both Tarl and Traklamek were manipulated by the Adrik Thorsen entity into helping smuggle him aboard the Federation Starfleet Galaxy-class starship USS Enterprise-D. The Thorsen entity installed itself into a Preserver artifact that was then incorporated into a replica fragment of a Borg cube.

Tarl hired the Ferengi DaiMon Pol to act as her middleman, giving him a D'deridex-class warbird which he renamed The 62nd Rule. The plan was to use Pol to lure the Enterprise-D before Tarl revealed herself claiming to give it to the Federation in the hope that it could provide better insight into defense against the Borg for both the Empire and the Federation, against the will of the Empire, in exchange for asylum for both her and her crew. Traklamek would then arrive to arrest the crew after the exchange, destroying The 62nd Rule and "capturing" her and her crew by convincing Enterprise to leave the area. The plan went almost completely as anticipated; however they failed to account for the loyalty of Enterprise's Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who hid the ship within Tarl's cloaking field and rammed the Enterprise-D directly through Traklamek's ship, destroying his ship and killing him and every crewmember aboard. Tarl fled the scene and swore vengeance against Picard.

Tarl's warbird, the Tears of Algeron, appeared again after Thorsen had been defeated, and attack the disabled Enterprise-D, however, her ship was destroyed the USS Garneau, which had been sent to retrieve Zefram Cochrane. (ST novel: Federation)

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