The Tarn Imperial Fleet (also known as the Imperial Talon) was the military service of the Tarn Empire. It is commanded by the First Circle and the Council of Circles.


The Tarn Imperial Fleet used several ranks including Ensign, Commander and Admiral. The head of the Imperial Talon was known as the Admiral of the Tarn Royal Circle.

Ground forces were organized into companies of one-hundred and squads of several dozen. Flotillas consist of three Tarn starships. Individual military units and vessels in the Tarn Imperial Fleet were manned by various Tarn circles.

On Tarn starships, Condition Two was the heightened state of alert. Admiral Garu Jord had ordered his ships to condition two after returning from the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). Captain Jean-Luc Picard did not match this state of readiness.

Loosing a commission in the Tarn Imperial Navy usually results in a ritual suicide by the commanders own ceremonial dagger.


The Tarn Imperial Fleet was used during the Federation-Tarn War of the 2160s. One of these battles took place in the Torgu-Va system between the Rashasa and the USS Verdun. Another battle took place when a Tarn starship attacked the USS Constitution before that vessel could reinforce the Federation forces. The Imperial Talon also met the Klingons in battle at Garamora.

Uniforms and equipment

The style of uniform was determined by the First Circle and can change when a First Circle is replaced. In 2165 the uniform was dark green with black crosshatching and the brown sash of the Imperial Era worn from right to left. A circle leader would wear his sash from left to right. By 2367 the dress uniform consisted of a scarlet coat ribbed with silver and a navy blue sash extending from one shoulder down the length of his back and attached to the opposite hip.

Uniforms of all known eras came equipped with a Tarn Ceremonial Dagger. In 2367 the communicator was integrated in the tab worn on the shoulder of the Tarn uniform. Phasers were a standard sidearm. Medical equipment included plasma and laser scalpels.

Tarn Imperial Fleet personnel

Tarn Imperial Fleet vessels


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