Tarok was a male Vulcan who lived by the 24th century.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He was a friend of Sarek but unlike the Ambassador, Tarok decided to enter into Vulcan's trade mission. His logic and actions led to the current economic policy where money was no longer necessary in the Federation and led to the Ferengi burning effigies of him during their holidays. Though not related by blood to Sarek, his close relationship meant that he was considered an uncle to the young Spock who affectionately called him Takta. To Tarok, Spock was the son he had never had and often told him inappropriate stories about the time before the Vulcan Reformation where their passions had dominated their race's lives. A lesser known fact about Tarok was that like Sarek and his wife Amanda Grayson, he was a member of the Symmetrists and advocated leaving the organization after its ideals had been distorted by others.

By the year 2373, he was the venerable age of 205 and was suffering from Bendii Syndrome. He was being taken care of in the Gonthar District by his two loyal female Klingon nurses. At the time, the Virogen Crisis was affecting the galaxy and Spock came to him in order to learn the truth of his father's death which he had now suspected was murder. Due to his condition, Tarok was somewhat disorientated in his thoughts and spoke to Spock that they had made a great mistake as well as the fact that he warned Sarek of the consequences of their actions. It was then that a mind meld was initiated to Spock through the katra points allowing some of his memories to pass into his cherished nephew. He was later spirited away by his Klingon nurses who felt that Spock had no honor for what he had done whilst an attack came on the compound. During chaos, Tarok's nurses were killed and the elderly Vulcan died in the hands of Spock's student, Srell. (TOS novel: Avenger)

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