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Tat'sahr was a province on Vulcan.

It was the northernmost region on Na'nam continent where the climate in the northern area near the pole was a bit cooler compared to the southernmost areas of the area near Xial. The terrain in Tat'sahr by the central and southern parts consisted mostly of hills and mountains. What few flat areas present were used for some of the hydroponic farming which supported the Vulcan people. There were several large farms that took advantage of the slightly cooler temperate as well as the relative tectonic stability.

Whilst the region was quite stable, it was not always so in Vulcan history. During ancient times, the mountains held active volcanoes which made the area highly prized by the warlords in that era. As some of the metal deposits in Vulcan were locked deep within the mantle, the warlords often came to see metals as being an important resource which were present at such locations. Despite the dangers presented in such areas, these regions often had entire communities built by their respective warlords in order to be near the active volcanoes where the ores were mined and smelted which was brought in by the lava. As many of the warlords considered water being as important as water, the control of these active volcanoes often became one of the resources that was fought over during the Age of Antiquity. During the modern era, the volcanoes were in a more dormant state with only the ones by the souterh parts still being active which included the ones at the Womb of Fire. As was the case during Vulcan's warring past, the minerals were still mined from the lava that came to the surface.

The near constant conflict that erupted between the warlords in Tat'sahr meant that many ruins were found in the mountains that dated from the "time of the beginning". Most of these ruins that were near settled areas were mostly explored but many of the ones deeper in the mountains remained untouched. Vulcan scientists were often interested in several of these locations and sites. Many tourists also journeyed into the area where Vulcan's enjoyed the climate whilst offworlders went to see the romance of Vulcan's romantic warrior past. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)


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