Tatiana Georgevna "Tatya" Bilash was a female Human in the 21st century. She was born in Ukraine, the oldest of four sisters. She was an agronomist, and in the 2040s lived and worked on the Agro III agronomy station in the South Pacific Ocean along with her lover, Yoshi Nakamura.

In 2045, Bilash and Nakamura recovered two Vulcans from their starship, after it had crashed into the ocean near their station. The two attempted to protect the aliens, even after the military took charge of them, insisting on being part of the classified investigation that followed. And part of this effort, Bilash contacted her aunt, Mariya Yevchenkova, a reporter in Kiev, and gave her the story in case anything happened to her. Unfortunately, Tatya's communication was intercepted and then widespread, creating a global near-panic. The aliens were eventually liberated by a group of temporally displaced, Starfleet officers, led by Captain James T. Kirk. Bilash had all memories of the Vulcans and their rescuers by Dr. Elizabeth Dehner erased.

Shortly after, she and Nakamura had a child, though their relationship started to deteriorate around the same time. Nakamura took primary custody of their child while Bilash dedicated her energies to Welcome, a group dedicated to preparing humanity to accept extraterrestrial visitors. She became the group's spokesperson, and was among those who greeted the first delegation from Alpha Centauri to visit Earth. She visited many planets in her role, with the notable exception of Vulcan. In 2087, she attended the Babel Interplanetary Conference, which led to the creation of the United Federation of Planets.

She was a fan of Russian classical composers Borodin and Prokofiev. She was also credited with making the best chicken Kiev in the Southern Hemisphere. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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