Tavela Minor was an inhabited planet located in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrant.


It was a Federation member world. (TOS reference: Star Charts)

The indigenous humanoid population had large ears, oblong-shaped heads and dusty-colored skin. (TNG - Gateways novel: Doors Into Chaos)

Raldo was from Tavela Minor. (DS9 eBook: Rules of Accusation)


In 2368, Beverly Crusher recommended Jokri River on Tavela Minor as a vacation spot to Alyssa Ogawa. (TNG episode: "Imaginary Friend")

In 2376, an Iconian Gateway appeared on Tavela Minor just outside a local village. Curious, a group of three families apparently on a picnic discovered the portal and walked through it, reappearing on Armus IX. An infectious microbe on them was fatal to Armusians, and their presence triggered a major medical emergency there. (TNG - Gateways novel: Doors Into Chaos)



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