Jeyal, a Tavnian male

Tavnians were a humanoid race native to the planet Tavny. In Tavnian society, male and female children were raised separately, and kept unaware of the opposite sex until adolescence. (DS9 episode: "The Muse")

First contact between the Federation and the Tavnians occured circa 2357. The Tavnians maintained a consulate on Betazed in the 2370s, headed by Ambassador Deycen. It was there in 2371 that Lwaxana Troi met a Tavnian trade negotiator named Jeyal. (TNG - Slings and Arrows eBook: The Insolence of Office) The two were married shortly thereafter, and together conceived a half-Tavnian son who would be named Barin, a name which in the Tavnian language means "little one." (DS9 episode: "The Muse"; TNG novel: The Battle of Betazed)


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