Tawna Zelemka was a female Tezwan from the city of Alkam-Zar on Tezwa.

During the 2370s, she was the mistress of Major Olorun Meboras, an adjunct to General Minza. During their affair, Zelemka learned that the Federation government had provided Tezwa with the nadion-pulse cannons which were generally believed to have been supplied by the Orion Syndicate. Shortly before the overthrow of Prime Minister Kinchawn in 2379, Meboras gave Zelemka a large house in Alkam-Zar. After much of the city was damaged in a Klingon attack in 2379, Zelemka opened up her home to the orphaned children of the city.

This work earned her the attention of reporter Ozla Graniv, who visited and interviewed her in May of 2380. In that interview, Zelemka shared her knowledge about the origins of the nadion-pulse cannons. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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