The Technocrats were a political group that existed in early society on Vulcan.

Before the events of the Sundering, they were a new faction that began to develop and dominate the Vulcan Assembly. Whilst their focus on technology made some believe that they were natural allies of the Vulcan Space Initiative, they were instead pragmatic and only aided construction of the Great Ships if the large vessels were either used as warships or used to help mine resources in the system.

Surak later postulated that the balance of power on Vulcan was going to shift from the Vulcan High Command to the Technocrats but in order to secure their position, they were going to have to ally with the Security Party. They also refused to help fund the Great Ships until they were armed with weapons. Whilst many of their number refused to accompany the Vulcan-in-Exile, a few of Technocrats as well as their families were present at ShiKahr during the departure. During the Te-Vikram Brotherhood attack on the launch site, several of the Technocrats and their number were swept up into the shuttles and were one of the unwilling groups that accompanied the journey for a new home world.

During the journey through space, desperation mounted amongst the travelers which led to an unlikely alliance between the Technocrats and the te-Vikram Brotherhood. Together they mounted a mutiny on the Shavokh in order to take control of the ship and take it to the last inhabited world they saw - the pre industrialized world of Ankaa which was dismissed because it was believed the travelers would unwittingly exterminate the native culture. The mutiny failed but a number of the rebels demanded a shuttle in order to find a place for their own. Despite the reluctance displayed by some, S'task allowed it even though there was no habitable world nearby and by allowing the mutineers to leave was a virtual death sentence. (TOS - Vulcan's Soul novels: Exodus, Exiles)

Its possible that the Romulan term Chief Technologist gained its origins from the Technocrats that were within the Exile fleet.
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