Ted Tinker

President Ted Tinker was a 23rd century Viden man, the person in charge of a media organization, the Trilateral Broadcasting Company. Tinker's company was one of two entertainment organizations in control of the media on the planet Viden in the 2260s.

History and specifics Edit

In 2269, Tinker was present when a security guard killed an actor who was attempting to flee from the studio. The actor had played Cam on the popular television show Welcome to the Family. The death was also witnessed by Captain James T. Kirk and the host of The Dr. Marv Show. Kirk's reaction was featured on the i-News evening news show and dropped public approval toward Tinker's company.

Tinker coerced Kirk into producing a variety show special. When Kirk's budget was deemed too high, Tinker renegotiated with Kirk to produce a reality show about daily life aboard the USS Enterprise. To ensure the crew's participation, hidden cameras were attached to explosives. But two weeks without activity caused plummeting ratings.

After Montgomery Scott overrode the camera's transmitters and deactivated the bombs, Tinker's assistant Brandon became the new president at the studio. (TOS - Year Four comic: "Issue 4")

Tinker may have been named in honor of 1980s NBC chairman Grant Tinker.
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