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Tekara was a binary, and later trinary star system located in the Tekara and Devore sectors in the space of the galaxy's Delta Quadrant. The primary was a Class A light blue star, accompanied by a pair of neutron stars. (ST reference: Star Charts, STO - Taking Care of Enemies mission: "Tekara System Patrol")

Tekara is a Binary Star located in the Tekara sector of the Delta Quadrant. The USS Voyager flew by this Star around Stardate 52140. (ST reference: Star Charts)

History and specificsEdit

In the 24th century, the system was a binary affair. Around stardate 52140 in 2375, the Federation Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager passed by this system on its route to the Alpha Quadrant. At the time, stellar cartography placed the system in the Tekara sector. (ST reference: Star Charts)

In the 25th century, the system lay outside the rimward edge of the Void, a starless region, and inside the [{Devore sector]] of the Tekara sector block. By 2410, it was a trinary system, with two neutron stars joining the remaining Class A light blue star. Alpha Quadrant Alliance astronomers believed these neutron stars originated from another system but had drifted from their orbits after a supernova. The arrival of the twin neutrons forced Tekara Prime and Tekara II from their orbits, turning the class L planets into class Y "Demon" worlds.

In 2410, Captain Valak of the Malon Union and his crew operated a refinery on an asteroid in the system, seeking to change their society's space-polluting policies. When they came under attack from rival Malons, Valak requested the assistance by the Delta Alliance and their Alpha Quadrant Alliance guardians. The Allies repelled the Malon ships attacking the refinery. (STO - Taking Care of Enemies mission: "Tekara System Patrol")

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Alpha Tekara primary

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