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[[Category:Romulan starship classes]]

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A Romulan drone ship.

The Telepresence drone ship was a type of remote starship used by the Romulan Star Empire.


The drone was created by Romulan engineers and scientists who used a T'Liss class bird of prey as the basis for an automated war machine. Its modified form contained a propulsion and command system that was identical to that of the larger Romulan warbirds of the era. They were equipped with a Holographic masking system allowing it to change its appearance to match that of any other ship. Its disruptor weapons contained a triphasic emitter allowing them to alter their weapon signature to match that of any other vessel.

The most unique aspect of the ship was the fact that it was unmanned and actually controlled remotely through a form of telepresence technology. A powerful telepath was required to operate the machine who controlled the drone and was capable of commanding it from many light years away. This meant that there were no crew within the ship which meant that there was no need for a life support system among the various decks.

A self repair system was present to fix any damage sustained.


The drone-ships were constructed in the 2150s where it was used as part of a plan to disrupt the alliance that was emerging between the United Earth, Andorian Empire, Confederacy of Vulcan and the Tellarite people. Using a captured Aenar telepath, Romulan Admiral Valdore directed the drone ship to appear as a vessel of the Coalition and attacked another member. It was hoped that such an action would bring distrust and fracture the alliance before it could be established.

The plan ultimately failed due to the intervention of the Earth starship Enterprise (NX-01) and the Aenar pilot rebelling against his masters which resulted in the destruction of the two prototype drone ships as well as the death of the pilot by Admiral Valdore's hands. (ENT episodes: Babel One United, The Aenar)

In 2155, Admiral Valdore once again attempted to make use of the drone ships as weapons for use against the Coalition of Planets and thus dispatched Orion mercenaries to capture Aenar telepaths but the plan failed due to the intervention of the Enterprise (NX-01). (ENT novel: The Good That Men Do)

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