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Telos was an uninhabited class M planet in the Beta Quadrant, located within the Organian Treaty Zone. It was the site of a brief skirmish between Starfleet and the Klingon Empire.

History Edit

In 2273, the USS Enterprise was assigned to complete a scientific survey of the planet. An inhabited world was threatened by an asteroid, and Starfleet considered Telos to be a potential relocation candidate. The Enterprise remained in orbit for at least three days. The soil was fertile, determined to be able to grow any Earth-like crops or vegetation.

Two days prior to the completion of the survey, a Vegan Tripper-class commercial flyer approached the planet. It contained political refugees Chetar and Morg, who requested sanctuary. Captain James T. Kirk agreed to take them to a starbase to formally seek diplomatic asylum. Before the survey was finished, however, the K't'inga-class IKS Rakor arrived to capture the fugitives, who had been dealt the death penalty on Qo'noS. The Enterprise and Rakor exchanged weapons fire, and two travel pods were destroyed to cover Morg and Chetar's escape in the transport spacecraft. (TOS comic: "Double Bluff")



  • Telos was assumed to be within the Organian Treaty Zone because no questions were raised as to anyone's right to be in the area.


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