Tem Inasi was a female Bajoran who served as chief science officer on the USS Enterprise-F.

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Tem was born in an internment camp on the Perikian Peninsula. After the Cardassians left Bajor she went with her father to the capital where he took a position in the Ministry of Agriculture for the Bajoran Provisional Government. Because of this, her family had the resources for Tem to indulge her love of science. She attended the Vulcan Science Academy earning an advanced degree in physics and exozoology.

Tem did not believe in the Prophets in a religious sense, but believed they were just an alien species. Yet, she still wore the earring as a symbol of her culture. (STO mission: "First Contact Day")

In 2409 Tem served as chief science officer of the USS Belfast under Captain Va'Kel Shon. After the Belfast's destruction over Facility 4028, she transferred with Shon to the USS Enterprise-F. (STO missions: "Facility 4028", "Boldly They Rode")

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