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"Remember this!"
Temer's last words to Ambassador Woldan

Temer was a Romulan Republican Force officer active in the 2400s, and commanding officer of the RRW D'serek.


In January 2409 Temer and the D'serek led a small fleet of Romulan Republic warbirds to Virinat to rescue the inhabitants from a combined Tal Shiar/Elachi force under Colonel Hakeev. Afterwards Temer recruited at least two of the refugees, Tovan Khev and the Virinat Survivor, into the RRF. (STO mission: "Flight from Virinat")

Over the ensuing weeks Temer would dispatch the Survivor and Khev to backwater systems all over the Tau Dewa sector block to rescue other Romulan and Reman civilians from Tal Shiar depredations. (STO missions: "The Helix", "Crossroads at Crateris", "Gasko Blues")

After D'Tan opened negotiations with the Federation and the Klingon Empire to get the Republic recognized as a legal entity, Temer gave the Virinat Survivor the coordinates for several uninhabited planets in the sector block as possible sites for a colony that was to be the Republic's capital. The third of these, Dewa III, was charted by the Survivor and crew, who located the Sword of the Raptor Star in some old ruins. Temer arrived in the D'serek and came under attack by Tholian warships. The Survivor beamed back to their ship and helped fight off the Tholians. (STO mission: "The Search for New Romulus")

Temer's final moments.

Temer traveled to Khitomer with D'Tan and the Virinat Survivor as part of the Republic's delegation to an international summit on its sovereignty. During the preliminaries it was discovered that Tal Shiar agents had infiltrated the conference to frame the Republic as untrustworthy. The Survivor and Captain Ja'rod of the IKS Kang defeated Hakeev's fleet in orbit, then revealed to Temer that Hakeev had beamed several bombs into the conference hall. The Survivor defused most of them, but a final bomb was discovered on the podium behind Ambassador Woldan of the Klingon Empire. With no time to disarm it, Temer jumped onto the podium and extended his personal deflector shield around the bomb to protect Woldan, and was vaporized in the explosion. This act of heroism proved the Republic to be honorable in the eyes of the Empire and the Federation, and the two superpowers recognized the fledgling state's right to exist and began funneling military and humanitarian aid to New Romulus. (STO mission: "Turning Point")

He was succeeded in his post by Commander Nadel, his former aide. (STO mission: "The Price of Neutrality")



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Temer's voice actor in Star Trek Online is uncredited. Temer's VA also narrates the opening cinematic for Romulan Republic player characters.

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