Tempe was the second planet in the Khoosin star system, located within Federation space in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. It was a class M planet, and had two moons, and was the site of an Orion colony and a Federation colony.

Tempe was an ocean world, with a cool temperate climate and frequent storms. From its surface, the red star Khoosin was a described as a "vague red ball". The planet's fertile seas teemed with marine life: fish, whales and other aquatic creatures.

Tempe was inhabited by Orions since before the Orion War, and these people became known as Tempeans. A peaceful backwater world, Tempe's society continued almost unchanged through the War, the Reverse and the Four Years War and other events that destabilized interstellar politics, barely noticing them. The Tempeans had little concern for galactic politics; only fluctuations in interstellar trade could cause a slight stir. When Starfleet vessels arrived, they found a people really only interested in selling them fish and keeping to their traditional way of life. They were led by a loose group of governing families.

With only a small amount of land, no industry or mining, and a climate too rough for agriculture, the Tempeans lived off the sea, harvesting seafood, marine plants and a few minerals that they could extract from the waters. Their economy was entirely dependent on the sea and the exports they could make to other worlds. By the late 23rd century, Tempe was a major food exporter throughout its sector, to Starbase 27 and many Federation colonies. In return, Tempe received a few new industries, such as petroleum and fertilizer production, and a few Federation settlers and technicians, who were quietly but amiably welcomed into the Tempean culture. These additions brought a new prosperity to Tempe.

Tempe's other key produce was music. It had a rich musical tradition, with more creative works, written pieces and recordings than other, much more populous or cosmopolitan worlds. Tempeans produced ancient Orion music, old sea chanteys, sad symphonic pieces and modern pop music. It was a seemingly unending deluge of music, arising from Tempe's unique culture and from the souls of its people. Tempean music and musicians spread as far as the core worlds of the Federation, and many starships carried their music as entertainment or traded in it.

It had a total surface area of 1,017,900,000 square kilometers and with only 10% land mass, a land area of 101,787,590 sq km square kilometres. Tempe was made up of only 15% normal metals, with 3% radioactive elements, 2% gemstones and trace amounts of industrial crystals and special minerals.

It was a Class M world, with a terrestrial atmosphere and a cool temperate climate, with a 24-hour day.

It had a technological/sociopolitical index index of 566741-64 and a planetary trade profile of ABCDDEG/C(D). (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Common Knowledge)

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