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For comic book adaptations.


{{c1|TOS|The Ashes of Eden}}


TOS comic adaptation: "The Ashes of Eden"

Be sure to place the reference between (...).

TOS = Star Trek: The Original Series
TNG = Star Trek: The Next Generation
DS9 = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
VOY = Star Trek: Voyager
NF = Star Trek: New Frontier
EV = Star Trek: Early Voyages
UV = Star Trek: Untold Voyages
SA = Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

The template can also be used to display multiple comics.

{{c1|TOS|The Undiscovered Country|The Ashes of Eden}}


TOS comic adaptations: "The Undiscovered Country", "The Ashes of Eden"

The template can also be used to display single (or multiple) comics from a subseries. Not that the "sub=" parameter will always be the last one specified, and all issues listed should be from that subseries.

{{c1|TOS|The First Thing We Do...|... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!|Trial and Error!|sub=The Trial of James T. Kirk}}


TOS - The Trial of James T. Kirk comic adaptations: "The First Thing We Do...", "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!", "Trial and Error!"
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