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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:N/doc:

{{n|NF|Stone and Anvil}}


NF novel: Stone and Anvil

Be sure to place the reference between (...).

The template can also be used to display multiple novels from one series.

{{n|TOS|The Entropy Effect|Ishmael|}}


TOS novels: The Entropy Effect, Ishmael

The template can also be used to display single (or multiple) novels from one subseries, provided the "sub=" parameter is placed after all other parameters, and all novels listed are from the same series and subseries.

{{n|TOS|Republic|Constitution|sub=My Brother's Keeper}}


TOS - My Brother's Keeper novels: Republic, Constitution

For the new Star Trek: Destiny series, something shorter than the full title would be desired. To remove the "Star Trek:", use the {{st}} template, such as:

{{n|ST|sub={{st|Destiny}}|Mere Mortals}}

which gives:

ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals


CoE = Star Trek: Corps of Engineers
DH = Double Helix
DS9 = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
ENT = Star Trek: Enterprise
EV = Star Trek: Early Voyages
GAT = Star Trek: Gateways
GKN = Star Trek: IKS Gorkon
NF = Star Trek: New Frontier
SA = Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
SCE = Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers
SGR = Star Trek: Stargazer
STO = Star Trek Online
TCT = Star Trek: The Captain's Table
TLE = Star Trek: The Lost Era
TNG = Star Trek: The Next Generation
TOS = Star Trek: The Original Series
TTN = Star Trek: Titan
VGD = Star Trek: Vanguard
UV = Star Trek: Untold Voyages
VOY = Star Trek: Voyager

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