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This template is to reference a novella.

{{n2|TOS|The First Artifact}}


TOS novella: The First Artifact

Be sure to place the reference between (...).

The template can also be used to display multiple novellas from one series.

{{n2|VOY|The Third Artifact|The Badlands, Part III}}


VOY novellas: The Third Artifact, The Badlands, Part III


CoE = Star Trek: Corps of Engineers
DH = Double Helix
DS9 = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
ENT = Star Trek: Enterprise
EV = Star Trek: Early Voyages
GAT = Star Trek: Gateways
GKN = Star Trek: IKS Gorkon
NF = Star Trek: New Frontier
SA = Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
SCE = Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers
SGR = Star Trek: Stargazer
STO = Star Trek Online
TCT = Star Trek: The Captain's Table
TLE = Star Trek: The Lost Era
TNG = Star Trek: The Next Generation
TOS = Star Trek: The Original Series
TTN = Star Trek: Titan
VGD = Star Trek: Vanguard
UV = Star Trek: Untold Voyages
VOY = Star Trek: Voyager

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