Blank template

{{STO mission
| title     = (required field)
| image     = 
| faction   = 
| episode   = 
| release   = 
| rank      = 
| giver     = 
| type      = 
| date      = (required field)
| stardate  = 


  • title: The title of the mission. Do not use quotation marks.
  • image: An image from the mission. Just use the file name, the template will size the image.
  • faction: The faction that is able to play this mission. Use one of the four following variables:
    • [[Federation]]
    • [[Klingon Empire]]
    • [[Romulan Republic]]
    • [[Federation]]<br>[[Klingon Empire]]
  • episode: The name of the episode that this mission is a part of, if applicable. For a list of missions that are part of an episode see Star Trek Online episodes.
  • release: The date the mission was initially released as part of Star Trek Online.
  • rank: The minimum rank required to play the mission with the level in parentheses. For example: Captain (34). For an explanation of ranks in Star Trek Online see rank.
  • giver: The in game character that issues the quest to the player.
  • type: The type of mission if known. It should fall into one of types explained in mission.
  • date: The in universe date when the mission takes place. This is a required field.
  • stardate: The in universe stardate when the mission takes place.


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This is an example, for the mission Diplomatic Orders:

{{STO mission
| title     = Diplomatic Orders
| image     = 
| faction   = [[Federation]]
| episode   = Klingon War
| release   = February 2, 2010
| rank      = [[Lieutenant]] (3)
| giver     = [[Admiral]] [[Jorel Quinn]]
| type      = Episode
| date      = 2409
| stardate  = 
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