In order to improve the visual quality of the wiki, certain images from non-licensed sources can be added where needed. When uploading such an image, please add {{unapproved|</nowiki>Image name}} to the image notes and post it here under a new topic. You may include the image in an article, so long as you include the {{unapproved|Image name}} template. After 7 days without further voting, the votes will be tallied. In a positive vote, the templates will be replaced with {{approved|Image name}}. In a negative vote, the image will be removed from all pages and deleted.

All supplemental images must meet two broad criteria: 1) There must be a sound rationale as to why we need the image, there must therefore be a requirement for an additional image in an article, and such an image should not already exist from a licensed source. 2) The image must be of sufficient quality; the use of additional images is intended to enhance articles, so poor quality photomanipulations or graphic design might not help towards that goal.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.