"Time flows differently for those who protect the crystals. The past, the present, the future, are all equal in their presence."
Tenavik to Christopher Pike, 2257[src]

Tenavik, son of None was a Klingon man of the 23rd century. He was the son of Voq and L'Rell.


Tenavik was conceived in 2256, shortly before his father underwent the ChoH'a' to turn him into a sleeper agent with the identity of Ash Tyler. Upon learning of her pregnancy L'Rell had Tenavik gestated ex utero, and the process was completed in 2257.

After barely surviving a challenge to her authority by Kol-Sha, L'Rell realized that her son would never be safe due to the Klingons seeking her position. L'Rell sent Tyler and their son away. Tyler took their as yet unnamed son to Boreth, to be left in the care of the clerics running the monastery located on that world. (DSC episode: "Point of Light")

Due to the presence of time crystals at the monastery, time flowed differently for the child, who was named Tenavik. When Captain Christopher Pike went to the monastery a few weeks later, Tenavik appeared to him as an older Klingon priest. Tenavik guided Pike on his quest to obtain a time crystal, warning him that if he took a time crystal it would seal his fate.

Despite learning of what awaited him, Pike accepted the sacrifice he would someday make, and took the crystal. Before leaving Boreth, Tenavik gave Pike the badge of the Torchbearer which Tyler had given his son before beaming him down to Boreth, asking Pike to return it to his parents.

Upon returning to the USS Discovery, Pike informed L'Rell and Tyler that he had seen their son, and gave them the badge Tenavik had given him. The couple agreed that Tenavik was a good name for their child, and were happy to know that their son was where he belonged. (DSC episode: "Through the Valley of Shadows")


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