In the mirror universe, Terev was a Tellarite male in the service of the Imperial Starfleet of the Terran Empire during the mid 22nd century.

In 2155, he was serving in the operations divison of the ISS Enterprise. That year, he was the test subject for a demonstration of the new agony booth designed by Major Malcolm Reed and Doctor Phlox. Reed was uncertain of the nature of Terev's transgression, believing that he was late for a duty shift, but noted that "all Tellarites are guilty of something." (ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

It is unknown if Terev has a counterpart in the primary universe, though the performer who played him also played a number of Tellarites in other episodes.
Terev either died in the destruction of Enterprise or the later destruction of the ISS Avenger


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