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Internal security dispatches: do not open on penalty of death. -- A Klingon strike team must relieve a powerful admiral of his command.


From the book jacket
Termination order 1456: Issued by internal security, Imperial High Command.
Subject: Thought Admiral Krador zantai-Rrilac
Mission: End his command!
It is suspected that Admiral Krador, a brilliant veteran of the Romulan wars, has been gathering forces to overthrow the Emperor. Under the direction of the Fourth Frontier Security Area Command, you and your crew aboard the warpshuttle IKS Vacsin will go to Muldor IV, penetrate Krador's stronghold, and take appropriate action against Krador and his senior officers. The mission is a vital one, though very difficult, and it must be accomplished, even at the expense of your lives.
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Anarv sutai-RrilacAwart vestai-MnemonKabor sutai-WulfekKaiben vestai-RrilacKailes sutai-RejacKala sutai-MneticKale sutai-KurperKalomar sutai-RegoricKeir tai-RulekKenoth vestai-RejacKert sutai-RestokKharch tai-MvoricKinoc sutai-QuerurKinur tai-LevassKnold sutai-RevulacKofol sutai-NizhishtKonet sutai-CultuicKonor vestai-BollochKonuu zantai-MogodushKour sutai-FurstigKorvan tai-RrilacKrador zantai-RrilacKrill sutai-LimurKunnos tai-MoctosKurtic sutai-RrilacMadra tai-VursticMaufe vestai-CaxelMevor vestai-XennikMir vestai-RocMirka vestai-VrilocMoroch sutai-LackoiMunck sutai-AxenniHalrussa

Starships and vehicles

D7A-class light cruiser
IKS KungIKS KhorazharIKS Gomex-zha
D23-class command ship
IKS AchenaarIKS BoschimIKS EchenaarIKS NaarecheIKS PoalnaarIKS RoernokIKS Rosch-ta
K5-class patrol craft
K6-class gunboat
K23-class escort
IKS AfurIKS NovuricK-2379
S4-class service ship
T8-class (T8F) troop transport
W2-class warpshuttle
IKS Amer-ZaIKS ChulqckIKS ChuntokaIKS DineshIKS MemlichIKS Pusch-TaIKS Quiec-TaIKS RentokIKS Soan-AcqIKS TheakaIKS UcknuurIKS VacsinIKS Wur-Rim


Stations and outposts

Frontier Garrison 261BBattle Station 326ABF

Planets and planetoids

Delta Aleph IXMuldor IVOrganiaKlinzai

Stars and systems

Delta AlephMuldorRigel

Stellar regions

Organian Treaty Zone4th Frontier Security AreaArea KZL-2867Area KZL-2790Triangle sector

States and organizations

FederationOrion ColoniesRomulan ConfederationKlingon EmpireKlingon High CommandKlingon Imperial SecurityKlingon Imperial Navy (Klingon 7703rd Escort SquadronKlingon 44th Cruiser SquadronKlingon 688th Patrol GroupKlingon 126th Escort SquadronKlingon 16th Service GroupKlingon 81st Transport GroupKlingon 1285th Marine RegimentKlingon 1650th Marine RegimentKlingon 4th Frontier Security Area Command)

Klingon family lines


Races and cultures

Referenced only

Technology and weapons

starshipshuttlecraftdisruptordeflector shieldcomputerphoton torpedotorpedo launcherdisruptor emittercloaking device

Ranks and titles

admiralthought admirallieutenantensigngovernorcaptaincommanderlieutenant commandermajorcolonelcommanding officersquadron leadergeneral

Other references

Romulan-Klingon Warsregimentcruiser squadronescort squadronpatrol groupservice groupgovernmentmilitaryflagshipmarinedrugplantmilitary unitspacetermination ordercolonylanding partymetalradiationatmosphereplanetorbitlifeformhumanoidchemistry