For the Star Trek: Enterprise episode of the same name, see Terra Nova (episode).

Terra Nova (or Eta Cassiopeia III) is a Class M planet located in the Eta Cassiopeia star system of the Alpha Quadrant, and is less than twenty light-years from the Sol system.

In 2078, Terra Nova became the first planet outside the Sol system to be colonized by Humans. After several years of success with the colony, Earth decided to send more colonists to the planet, which didn't meet with the approval of the Novans. Shortly after, the colony was struck by an asteroid which unleashed massive radiation in the planet's atmosphere. Survivors were able to escape underground, but communications with Earth were cut-off, and the colony was officially declared lost, causes unknown.

The colonists were eventually rediscovered in 2151 by Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise. While the descendants of the colonists were initially untrusting of the Enterprise crew, they soon agreed that Earth was not responsible for the asteroid strike, and poisoned rain, and decided to work to relocate their populace to a new uncontaminated area. (ENT episode: "Terra Nova")

Afterwards, United Earth Starfleet dispatched the Intrepid-class light cruiser to act as space defense for the Terra Nova colony. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #44)

Logan City soon became the capital city of the colony, and following admittance into the United Federation of Planets in 2178, the planet's inhabitants increased to around 374,000 by 2376. (ST reference: Star Charts)

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