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T'Pol and Trip Tucker learn that some of their DNA was stolen and used to clone the first Human-Vulcan genetic hybrid baby, of which they are the biological parents. Meanwhile, a fanatical xenophobe gains control of the Martian verteron array, and threatens to destroy Starfleet Command unless his demands are met.

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Jonathan ArcherGannet BrooksDaniel GreavesMatthew HarrisBoda JahletJosiahKelbyMasaroTravis MayweatherJohn Frederick PaxtonPhloxMalcolm ReedNathan SamuelsHoshi SatoSovalThorisT'PolCharles Tucker IIIAnlenthoris ch'Vhendreni
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Samuel Gardner

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Enterprise (NX-class) • Shuttlepod 1

Locations[edit | edit source]

BerlinCanberraEarthMarsSan Francisco

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AndorianDenobulanHumanRigelian (Jelna) • TellariteVulcan
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Earth StarfleetTerra Prime

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