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The Terradome was an Undine space station, a terrasphere in service in the 2400s decade. The Terradome was located in the NGC-4447 star system, Alini sector, Gamma Orionis sector block, Beta Quadrant. The inside of its dome recreated the promenade of the Federation Nor-class station Deep Space 9. (STO - Special Task Force mission: "Undine Terradome")

History and specifications

In 2409, the Undine returned to the galaxy to renew their war with the Borg Collective, also attacking the Federation and Klingon Empire in the process. The Terradome was established in the NGC-4447 system, within the Beta Quadrant. The base included smaller stations surrounding the terrasphere. The Defiant-class starship USS Poseidon-U, a shapeshifting dreadnought, was assigned to protect the station. Its commanding officer was a Human-looking Akira Sulu.

In the same year, USS Intrepid was lost three parsecs from this system.

When a genuine Starfleet/Klingon Defense Force task force, consisting of five ships, entered the system one month later, Captain "Sulu" stated this area was quarantined and threatened to resort to violence. When the task force failed to comply, the Poseidon attacked. The Undine dreadnought was so powerful it could hold its own against the five Allied ships.

The Poseidon patrols the Terradome.

During the battle, the Poseidon morphed into other Undine ships before returning to its native form as a Defiant escort.

When the Allies had whittled its structural integrity field down to 25%, the Poseidon-U retreated towards the terrasphere and summoned reinforcements, including Tethys-class dreadnoughts, Nicor-class battleships and Dahut-class frigates.

Following their defeat, the Poseidon-U returned to the fray but was destroyed. Captain Sulu transported to the Terradome, where the real Akira Sulu was held captive by another six impostors. With the terrasphere's defenders eliminated, a boarding party consisting of the Allied ships' five captains beamed aboard the Terradome to pursue the Undine.

The away team rescued several Starfleet officers trapped in the DS9 promenade recreation and proceeded into the deeper, moe organic levels of the station. In the central hub, the team faced the eight Sulu. After rescuing the Human Akira Sulu and eliminating the imposters, the team returned to their vessels, and the Terradome was abandoned. (STO - Special Task Force mission: "Undine Terradome")



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